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Are you worried about your kids, spouse or employees PC and internet activities?

Use keylogger software and find the truth


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Basic Keylogger (PC Data Manager)
Basic Keylogger (PC Data Manager)  

Keylogger records every keystroke including typed documents using MS Word, Notepad editors, Windows Username, Passwords and other similar keyboard typing activities. Keyloggers runs hidden in the background and records everything in encrypted easy-to-read logs with option to mail log details at specified email ID.

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Advance Keylogger (PC Data Manager)
Advance Keylogger (PC Data Manager)

Advance Key logger software not only records keystroke details but also capture Windows screenshots periodically at regular time interval. Advance software functionality similarly records voice chat conversations, clipboard contents, application accessed in easy-to-read logs with option to mail log details or upload using FTP server settings to access from any remote location.

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Easily records everything
Keystroke Activities
Clipboard Activities
Voice Chat Conversation
Application Running
Chat Message Details

Mac Log Manager

Mac Log Manager

Specially designed Keylogger Software for mac machines records different activities performed on Apple Mac machines with real time monitoring results. Now you have the power to know the truth with option to record Keystrokes, Internet activities and capture screenshots when working on Macintosh machines.

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What is Key Logger and Why you need it?
Key Logger Uses

You must have some questions left unanswered in your mind like what your spouse, kids or employees have been doing on the computer late nights. Is your spouse or teenage kids engaged in online chat while you are asleep? Are your employees emailing your business secret to your competitors? If you are worried about these issues, then you need keylogger software. Key logger records all activities occurring on PC by any user.

The best part of the software allows to run it in the background (hiddenly) and remains unidentified from the PC user. Software secretly logs everything users do on PC including each keystroke, outgoing emails, accessed applications, internet browsing activities and many more. Keylogger software is powerful tool that also facilitates you to access log files anytime anywhere even if you are miles away from your PC.

Software combines excellent monitoring features with ease of use, so you only need to download and install the PC monitoring software and all your surveillance needs will automatically be fulfilled by the use of the software.

Computer Monitoring

Easily know and detect how your computer is used and for how much time by any user in your absence.

Employee Monitoring

Keep watching your employee’s daily activities on PC with the use of key logger software and become more aware of their activities during office work.

Spouse Monitoring

Check your spouse activities on PC and find the truth of the cheating spouse right now.

Parental Control

Best way to monitor your children’s daily PC activities and easily know if they are misusing the service, (internet facility) provided to them.

Keystroke Logger

Easily logs entire keystroke details including online chat conversations, composed emails, typed documents and other keyboard typing details.

Internet Monitoring

Monitors entire internet activities that include accessed websites, chat conversations (even voice chat), online games played, typed username and passwords etc.

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