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Advance Keylogger (PC Data Manager)

Advance Keylogger (PC Data Manager)

Need to monitor your child, employees or spouse while they use computer? Are your employees wasting time online when they are supposed to work? Are your children chatting with strangers in your absence?

Advance Keylogger is powerful computer monitoring tool to keep track of each activity performed by any user using your PC in your absence. Software works in total stealth mode and captures every typed keystroke along with live screenshots of each application accessed on PC and it is completely legal. Software also offers other benefits like voice chat recordings, monitors clipboard activities, notify any changes in system settings etc. Regardless of the day and time of the activity performed, software keeps you up-to-date of entire activities performed over the past day, week, month or several months. Best computer-monitoring tool save the activity record in log files and secretly send at specified email address or upload using FTP settings.

Software Monitoring Features

System Activities

  • Keystroke Capturing – Monitors all keystroke typed on PC keyboard in hidden mode.

  • Captures Screenshots – Software takes screenshots of every activity performed by user on PC even if no key is pressed.

  • Clipboard Activities – Track and record copy-paste activities on any application by user on the PC.

  • Applications Accessed – Keep track of all applications run or accessed by users like Calculator, MS Word document etc along with the timestamp of launched application.

  • Change in System Date and Time – Record all changes made in system date and time by any user.

  • Sound Activities – Records voice chat conversations on Skype, GTalk etc and notify changes in system sound settings by anyone.

Internet Activities

  • Composed Emails – Keep track of all emails composed and sent by users from your PC.
  • Chat Conversations – Monitor all chat conversations performed on Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN and other popular chat messenger services.
  • Website Logging – Logs all visited websites, online search performed by users along with typed url’s details.

Basic Keylogger (PC Data Manager)
Advance Keylogger (PC Data Manager)
Mac Log Manager

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Software Advanced Features

  • Stealth Mode – Software works hidden in the background and will not appear in Program Files, Desktop Items, Startup Menu and even from installation folder path.
  • Encrypted Log Files – Software secretly track and record user PC activities in hidden log files to restrict others to access or read them.
  • Automatic Startup – Software provides option to automatically start monitoring PC activities by enabling Window startup option.
  • Generate Reports – Enables users to generate activity reports in txt or html file format as per choice.
  • Complete Backup – Software keeps backup of every activity log file to be viewed later for future reference.
  • Hot Key and Run Command Settings – Software working in hidden mode can be easily accessed by enabling Hot key and Run command feature.
  • Log via Email or FTP Settings – Software facilitates users to view user activity reports even from distant location by sending log to specified email address or uploaded via FTP server.
  • Advance View Feature – Allows users to see each input keystroke (including shift, backspace, ctrl etc) or only printing keystrokes.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium Class or Equivalent Processor
  • Minimum 512MB of RAM
  • Minimum 5MB of Free Hard Disk space required

Supported Operating System:

Software easily runs on all major Windows operating system including

  • Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
  • Windows 2000/Windows 2008 (server) etc.

You can easily download 30 day’s free trial of Advance Keylogger Software to understand features and functionalities before buying the licensed version.

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